After School Teacher Supervised Study  

Quiet, focused, distraction free supervised  learning

From September 2024


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A selection of the wide range of learning materials that students can access for free while attending Teacher Supervised Study.

Benefits of Supervised Study at D15 Study Hub

Focused Environment: Free from distractions allowing students to maximize study time.

Distraction-Free Zone: Mobile phones must be switched off during sessions, minimizing temptations. Laptops are allowed. Free Wi-Fi available.

Expert Support: Qualified teachers supervise, answer questions, provide study tips and motivate students. We do not employ college students.

Resources: Free access to a wide range of learning materials like past exam papers, textbooks, exam guides and notes. 

Positive Peer Pressure: Surrounded by motivated students who encourage each other to excel.

After School Supervised Study from September 2024

Mon to Thurs -  6:00 PM – 8:00 PM 

A choice of budget-friendly plans:

Monthly  - 32 hours - 4 nights a week - 2 hours each night- Guaranteed study space - €80

Weekly  - 8 hours - Four nights -2 hours each night - Guaranteed study space - €20

Nightly (Pay-as-you-go) - 2 hours per night - Subject to availability - €8

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